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How does one feel at home even being at a different place? How does one fall in love with the nature? How can a safari be stamped on your memory? How can a honeymoon tour have an impact on the outlook of future life? Basically it is the sum of seclusion, aloofness and calmness that makes you feel at home. So how about choosing a place like Mistywindvalley Kerala wherein you can sense both pleasure and harmony, and at the same time feel heavenly? For couples, their honeymoon journey begins even before they board their jalopy.

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Mistywindvalley Homestay is an unrivaled destination for couples, incentive travel, or group retreats. An exciting offbeat vacation option against the usual hotels in Kerala. Steal a storybook weekend break, get to stay in the lap of nature, amidst rambling forest woods, surrounded by undulating valleys and hills with at-home comforts at our full service hotel in Kottayam. For questions and comments, please feel free to contact us.

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Moonnilavu – Illickal Kallu Road,
Moonnilavu, Erattupetta,
Kottayam District,
Kerala, India. 686586